Parkour & Ninja Classes

American Ninja Warrior has created a surge of excitement in this country especially for young people. This exciting TV Program was actually developed out of an older form of sport called Parkour or Free Running. Kids naturally want to run, jump, climb, balance and generally test their limits. This program plays on that kind of fun. Parkour is exceptional at developing many types of strengths, flexibility and balance while challenging participants through fun.

Our program at Greenville Gymnastics was started by Brett Sims an actual American Ninja Warrior that competed for the USA in Japan! Our Master Staff are certified in Parkour Training and strive to make the program as safe as possible through progressions, equipment design as well as general physical and mental preparations. Some of the top Free Runners and Trickers in the nation have at times worked out in our gym and we are featured in many You Tube Videos.

Ages: 6-18
Class Length: 1 hour

Teacher to Student Ratio: 7:1

2021 Fall Schedule - Parkour2021 Summer Schedule - Parkour