Pre-School Classes

In our Pre-School Program we offer a movement education oriented approach to what is many young student’s first experience with sports. We strive for it to be positive and fun as they develop some important basics for future progress in gymnastics or whatever sports they participate in. Basic motor skills are targeted including balance, strength, flexibility, coordination as well as learning to learn, follow directions and work with others. Students progress through each level in our poster reward system at their own pace. They move on to the next level when they individually are ready. Much of the equipment used is designed for little hands and little feet to gain the confidence to step out on bigger challenges!

Ages: Walking to 5 years
Class Length: 45 minutes
Teacher to Student Ratio: 4:1

2021 Spring Schedule – Level 1
2021 Spring Schedule – Parent & Tot
2021 Summer Schedule – Level 1
2021 Summer Schedule – Parent & Tot

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